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Edinburgh-based freelance magazine journalist, specialising in equality issues (disability and/or LGBT+), popular science, and arts & culture.

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Connie Willis Interview

First published in Interzone, Issue 227 (March/April 2010). From your 1983 story Fire Watch to the novels Blackout and All Clear, you’ve frequently written about the London Blitz. What is it about this period that interests you? I’ve been in love with the Blitz ever since eighth grade, when my teacher read aloud Rumer Godden’s An Episode of Sparrows, about a little […]

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Gareth L Powell Interview

First published in Interzone, Issue 218 (September/October 2008). How does it feel to see your stories gathered together in a printed collection? I’m extremely proud of this collection. It represents one of the busiest periods of my life: five years in which I got married, became a father of two, worked my ass off at a […]

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EIBF: Some Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts and memories from the previous four days at the Edinburgh International Book Festival: • A L Kennedy gets a very “I know it’s a bit impertinent, but…” opening question from the audience during her main Festival appearance: “Why aren’t you married?” Her reply is that the somewhat selfish needs of being “the best […]

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A Question of Language

Typically, the most controversial, and potentially most interesting, question came at the end of the event, when there wasn’t really any time. To explain, I was at a “breakfast” reading at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, featuring Scottish writers Des Dillon, Anne Donovan and Alan (I’m not stalking him, honest!) Bissett. They each read from […]

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Russell T Davies Interview

First published in End of Term magazine (Winter 2006). What does your ‘average’ day involve? There’s no such thing, really. On an average writing day I start at about 10 o’clock in the morning and I just carry on writing till about three o’clock the next morning. But when I’m producing at the same time, […]

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Hal Duncan Interview

Edited version published in Dreamwatch, Issue 144, September 2006 How long did it take to write Vellum? All in, it took about ten years of writing, but for the most part of that, to be honest, I didn’t actually realise I was writing the book. It started out as a bunch of short stories and novellas with […]

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James Patterson Interview

Originally published in Interzone, Issue 206  Why did you decide to write novels aimed at younger readers? Well, I don’t think it’s a secret that most kids these days aren’t reading a whole lot, and I think we do a disservice to books and reading when we just throw up our hands about the situation. We […]

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