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Genres, hurrah!

The writer Matt Haig hates literary fiction, according to a recent blog entry; or, to be rather more precise, he hates “the idea (my italics) of literary fiction”, most particularly of it being thought of, or promoted as, a “category”, a “genre”. Well, I’ve news for Mr Haig. He’s far too late. It is a […]

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New Ways to Make Journalism Pay II

Saturday, 17 November: it was raining outside the London Welsh Centre when I arrived for New Ways to Make Journalism Pay II, a one day conference organised by the London Freelance branch of the NUJ. Quite apt, really; after all, the event’s subtitle was: “A freelance lifeboat in the perfect storm”. It was certainly a […]

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Enquiries within…

The timing is certainly apt; Enquirer, the new “rapid-response verbatum work” being put on by the National Theatre of Scotland, is a much-needed opportunity to explore the stark choices facing the UK’s newspaper industry at a time when it’s under innately hostile public scrutiny and the financial rug of its traditional economic model is being […]

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