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15 Accessible Adventures

Trust properties across Scotland are more accessible than you might think. WORDS: PAUL F COCKBURN Barry Mill Dundee &; 01241 856761This working water-powered mill is a rare example of Scotland’s industrial heritage: according to reviewer EdinBlue, access is by a short pathway from the car park, although “if you can’t manage the incline you […]

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Who’s That Girl?

In case you haven’t noticed there’s a new Doctor in the TARDIS—but is Jodie Whitaker really rewriting the show’s approah to gender and sexuality? Paul F Cockburn investigates. Just in case you’ve not noticed, Doctor Who is now a woman. The original announcement – made after the 2017 Wimbledon Men’s Final – horrified some people, surprised […]

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Out of Our Minds?

                              Legal equalities notwithstanding, being LGBT in a Straight world can still lead to mental health issues—and existing support services are just not fit for purpose, says Paul F Cockburn. Half a century on from the partial decriminalisation of male homosexual […]

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Solar Bear break new ground with a production of Caryl Churchill’s ‘Love and Information’

                         A new touring production of Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information is an excellent showcase for its young cast from the UK’s only performance degree for D/deaf actors at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, in collaboration with leading Scottish company Solar Bear. Review by Paul F […]

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Lavender Menace: Queen of Bookshops

With a new play celebrating Scotland’s first Gay Bookshop, Lavedner Menace, due to open at Edinburgh’s Lyceum Theatre, co-owner Bob Orr looks back to the start of the story, in 1982. Your involvement in selling books started long before you opened Lavender Menace. I’d come to Edinburgh in 1976. By 1979 I was part of […]

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Jo Lewis on #sugarwater

In 2016 Graeae Theatre Company took their production of  The Solid Life of Sugar Water to the National Theatre. Paul F Cockburn speaks with the filmmaker Jo Lewis who documented what happened. #sugarwater, a film documentary following Graeae’s arrival at the National Theatre, was a very personal project for the award-winning writer, director and producer […]

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The Influencers

LGBT people have an increasingly visible influence on all our lives, as Paul F Cockburn reports. IT: Tim Cook (CEO Apple Inc.)Steve Jobs is credited with dragging Apple from near bankruptcy in 1997 to being (according to Forbes in 2016) the eighth biggest public company in the world. Yet a significant player was Timothy Donald […]

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