Comedy reviews (Index)

Here, listed by year, then alphabetically by show title, are my reviews of stand-up and other comedy shows which have been published since 2012, mostly by The majority of links are to the online published versions, although a few reviews may be archived on this site if there’s no online equivalent. Star Ratings are included only when they were part of the original publication’s brief. (Which they almost certainly were.)

An index of my theatre reviews can be found here.



David Mills: Focus People! Vivienne Smith Management ☆☆☆☆☆ (Underbelly, George Square – The Wee Coo, Edinburgh)

James Barr: Thirst Trap! Free, James Barr/Free Festival ★★★★ (Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters – Above, Edinburgh)

My Left Nut, Prime Cut/Pan Narrans ★★★★ (Summerhall – Red Lecture Theatre, Edinburgh)

Police Cops in Space, The Pretend Men ★★★★ (Assembly George Square Studios – Three, Edinburgh)

Rik Carranza: Still a Fan, Delphine Manley Management ★★★★ (Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre – Attic, Edinburgh)

Scott Capurro: The Trouble with Scott Capurro, Scott Capurro/Heroes ★★★★ (Heroes @ Boteco – Basement, Edinburgh)

Space Doctor, StraightUp Productions ★★ (Gilded Balloon Teviot – Wine Bar, Edinburgh)

Tim Renkow Tries To Punch Down, Tim Renkow/United Agents/Heroes ★★★★ (Monkey Barrell 2, Edinburgh)

Tom Neenan: It’s Always Infinity, Berk’s Nest/Ebdon Management ★★★★ (Underbelly, Bristo Square – Jersey, Edinburgh)




Andrew Doyle: Thought Crimes, Headway Talent/The Stand Comedy Club ☆☆☆☆☆ (The Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh)

Colin Hoult/Anna Mann in How We Stop the Fascists, Berk’s Nest ★★★★ (Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh)

Geoff Norcott: Right Leaning but Well Meaning, So Comedy/Troika (Wee Coo, Underbelly George Square, Edinburgh)

Gordon Southern: That’s a Fun Fact!, Gordon Southern ★★★★ (Frankenstein’s Pub, Edinburgh)

I Can Make You Tory, Leo Kearse ★★★ (Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters, Edinburgh)

Jamie MacDonald: Designated Driver, Jamie MacDonald ☆☆☆☆☆ (Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh)

Matt Abbott: Two Little Ducks, Matt Abbott Poet ☆☆☆☆☆ (Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh)

Scott Agnew: Spunk on Our Lady’s Face, Gilded Balloon/Scott Agnew ★★★★ (Gilded Balloon Teviot, Edinburgh)

Who, Me, NCM ★★★★ (Gilded Balloon @ Rose Theatre, Edinburgh)



Aidan Goatley: Mr Blue Sky, Aidan Goatley ★★★★ (Sweet Grassmarket, Edinburgh)

Alistair Williams: I’ve Started So I’ve Finished, CatFace Talent ★★★ (Just the Tonic @ The Caves, Edinburgh)

Andrew Doyle: Future Tense, Talented Artists Ltd ★★★★ (The Stand Comedy Club 5 & 6, Edinburgh)

Bricking It, Joanna Griffin ★★★ (Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh)

Colin Hoult/Anna Mann: A Sketch Show for Depressives, Berks Nest ★★★★ (Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh)

David Mills: Shame!, Vivienne Smith Management Ltd ★★★★ (Underbelly George Square, Edinburgh)

Doug Segal: I Can Make You Feel Good, Doug Segal ★★★★ (The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh)

An Evening with Phil Differ, Phil Differ ★★★ (The Brunton, Musselburgh)

Geoff Norcott: Conswervative, So Comedy/Troika ★★★★ (Underbelly Med Quad, Edinburgh)

George Egg: Anarchist Cook, George Egg ★★★★ (Soho Theatre, London)

Jo Caulfield: Pretending to Care, Jo Caulfield ★★★★ (The Stand Comedy Club 5 & 6, Edinburgh)

Joe Jacobs: Orthodox Joe, Joe Jacobs ★★★ (Frankenstein Pub, Edinburgh)

John Gordillo: Love Capitalism, John Gordillo ★★★ (The Stand Comedy Club 2, Edinburgh)

Jonathan Pie: Live, Phil McIntyre Entertainments ★★★★ (Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh)

Johnny Cochrane: Appeal, Bound & Gagged Comedy/UTC Artist Management ★★★ (Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh)

Larry Dean: Farcissist, Chambers Touring Ltd ★★★★ (Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh)

Laurence Clark: Independence, Laurence Clark/CKP/Delphine Manley ★★★★ (Assembly George Square, Edinburgh)

Samantha Pressdee: Sextremist, Love Muffin Productions ★★★ (Just the Tonic @ The Mash House, Edinburgh)

Scott Agnew: I’ve Snapped My Banjo String, Let’s Just Talk, Scott Agnew ★★★★ (Gilded Balloon @ The Counting House, Edinburgh)

Wayne Carter Teaches You To Be Fabulous, Wayne Carter/PBH Free Festival ★★ (Laughing Horse @ The Newsroom)

Will Franken: Little Joe, Will Franken ★★★★ (The Stand Comedy Club 3 & 4, Edinburgh)



George and Co (the Solo Tour), George Dimarelos ★★★ (C Venue, Edinburgh)

Thrill-Seeking Pianist WLTM Like-Minded Audience for NSA Fun and Good Times, Mr Meredith ★★★ (The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh)



Aidan Killian: Jesus Versus Buddha, Aidan Killian ★★★ (Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh)

Andrew Doyle: Zero Tolerance, Talented Artists Ltd ★★★★★ (The Stand Comedy Club 3 & 4, Edinburgh)

The Beta Males Session: Richard and The Storybeast, Ditto Productions/Free Fringe ★★★ (Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh)

Dane Baptiste: Citizen Dane, Dane Daptise ★★★★ (Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh)

Des Clarke: The Trouble with Being Des, Des Clarke ★★★★ (Assembly George Square, Edinburgh)

Four Screws Loose in The Big Screw Up, James Grant Comedy ★★★ (Assembly George Square, Edinburgh)

Gary Little: The Thing Is, Gary Little, (The Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh)

Jamie MacDonald: That Funny Blind Guy 2 – The Good, the Stag and the Ugly, Jamie MacDonald ★★★★ (Assembly George Square, Edinburgh)

Laurence Clark: Moments of Instant Regret, CKP in association with Beyond Compere ★★★★ (Assembly George Square, Edinburgh)

Old Folks Telling Jokes, Big Difference Productions ★★★ (Grassmarket Centre, Edinburgh)

Playdough Face, Claire Healy ★★★★ (Sweet Grassmarket, Edinburgh)

Scott Capurro: Islamohomophobia: Reloaded, Scott Capurro ★★★★★ (Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh)

Stephen Bailey: Neon Heart, Kilimanjaro/Lee Martin for Gag Reflex/PBJ Management ★★★ (Gilded Balloon Teviot, Edinburgh)

Tim Renkow: At Least Hell Has Ramps, Tim Renkow/Heroes (PWYW) ★★★★ (Just the Tonic @ The Caves, Edinburgh)

Zombie Science: Brain of the Dead, Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies ★★★ (C Main, Edinburgh)

Zombie Science: Worst Case Scenario, Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies ★★★★ (C Main, Edinburgh)


• Björn Gustafsson, Björn Gustafsson ★★ (Gilded Balloon Teviot, Edinburgh)

• Cars And Girls (2013 version), Alexis Dubus ★★★★ (Off the Cowgate, Edinburgh)

 Compassion is Subversive, Chris Coltrane ★★★ (Globe Bar, Edinburgh)

• Dan Nightingale: Love in the Time of Cholesterol, Dan Nightingale ★★★ (Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh)

• Death Ship 666, Death Ship 666 ★★★★ (The Free Sisters, Edinburgh)

• Des Clarke: Final Destination, Des Clarke ★★★★ (Pleasance George Square, Edinburgh)

• Everything That Happened in the 20th Century, Seen Through the Eyes of a Liar, Mike Shephard ★★★ (The Counting House, Edinburgh)

• Gay Straight Alliance, Veronica Elizabeth ★★★★ (Phoenix Bar, Edinburgh)

• Ginger Nation, Shawn Hitchins ★★★★ (Cowgate, Edinburgh)

• It Goes Without Saying, Bill Bowers ★★★★★ (The Old Oak, Edinburgh)

• Kevin Dewsbury Out Now, Kevin Dewsbury ★★★★ (The White Oak, Edinburgh)

• Kevin Shepherd: Confess Nothing, Kevin Shepherd ★★★ (The White Oak, Edinburgh)

• Luke Wright: Essex Lion, Luke Wright ★★★ (Assembly George Square, Edinburgh)

• Matt and Ian’s Improv Show, Matt and Ian ★★★ (Sweet Grassmarket, Edinburgh)

• Our Father, Blod Jones and Kirsty Marsh ★★ (Victoria Street, Edinburgh)

• Patrick Monahan and Bob Slayer Set a World Record, Patrick Monahan and Bob Slayer ★★★ (Lothian Street, Edinburgh)

• Paul Dabek–Stand Up and Be Conjured, Paul Dabek ★★★★ (The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh)

• Ping Pong, Alistair Green ★★★ (Edinburgh)

• Rick Kiesewetter: Chink, Rick Kiesewetter ★★★ (Victoria Street, Edinburgh)

• Roll it in Sequins, Megan Heffernan and Sophie Fletcher ★★★★ (Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh)

• Scott Agnew–Something’s Gotta Give, Scott Agnew/The Stand ★★★★ (The Stand Comedy Club 3 & 4, Edinburgh)

• The Sunday Assembly, Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans ★★★★ (New Empire Bingo, Edinburgh)


• Activism is Fun, Chris Coltrane  ★★★★ (Globe Bar, Edinburgh)

• Age of the Geek, Hayden Cohen ★★★ (theSpace Surgeons’ Hall, Edinburgh)

• An Audience with Tomás Ford, Tomás Ford ★★★ (Jekyll & Hyde, Edinburgh)

• Chris Cross: Loose Cannon 2012, Chris Cross ★★★★ (Globe Bar, Edinburgh)

• Des Clarke: Final Destination, Des Clarke ★★★★ (Assembly George Square, Edinburgh)

• Gay Straight Alliance, Veronica Elizabeth and Kenny Neal ★★★★ (Phoenix Bar, Edinburgh)

How to Read Minds and Influence People, Doug Segal ★★★★ (Gilded Balloon Teviot, Edinburgh)

• Jack Spencer – Why Anything?, Alistair Green ★★★ (Just the Tonic @ The Newsroom)

• Laurent Piron: Unusual Day, Laurent Piron ★★★ (Edinburgh)

• The Long and the Short of It, Richard Purnell and Gary from Leeds ★★★★ (Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh)

• My Stepson Stole My Sonic Screwdriver, Tony Hadoke ★★★★ (Gilded Balloon Teviot, Edinburgh)

• Paul Dabek–Nothing Up My Sleeve!, Paul Dabek ★★★★ (The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh)

• Sammy J and Randy – The Inheritance, Get Comedy ★★★★ (Underbelly Music Hall, Edinburgh)

• Stories from the Middle, Luke Capasso ★★ (Jekyll & Hyde, Edinburgh)

• Ward and Bartlett’s Double Impact, Ruaidhri Ward and Micky Bartlett ★★★★ (Globe Bar, Edinburgh)

• The World According to Damien Crow, Damien Crow ★ ★ (Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh)

Xavier Toby: Binge Thinking, Xavier Toby ★★★ (C Venue, Victoria Street, Edinburgh)