Hooked on Quality

Quality produce and careful preparation are at the heart of Scotland’s world-renowned food industry.

When it comes to food, comedians may regularly joke about a Scottish predilection for frying everything (and adding chips), but countless award-winning chefs—Tom Kitchen, Paul Kitching and Nick Nairn, to name just three—know that Scotland’s land and waters offer some truly marvellous, quality produce which, with the right kind of preparation, ensure an unforgettable dining experience.

Sharing this “secret” with the rest of the world is one of the reasons behind the annual Highland & Islands Food & Drink Awards. Yet, in addition to promoting the best venues and produce, these awards also aim to encourage business innovation and good practice, not least ensuring that Scotland’s food industries can show that being environmentally aware doesn’t mean compromising on quality.

Full article published in Nocturne, #4 (Winter 2016-17).