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The Future of Astronomy

What will the next 10 years hold for astronomers, whether amateur or professional? It’s a well known fact that the deeper you look into space, the farther back in time you can see. But what about the future? Like Lippershey, Newton and Jansky before them, today’s astronomers are constantly pushing science and technology forward to […]

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Unveiling the Dark Knight

The wonders of space aren’t always discovered by freezing astronomers staring up at the night sky through their telescopes in the early hours of the morning. Take, for example, the Horsehead Nebula; 125 years ago this month, one of the most recognisable and admired objects in space was first identified in the incongruous setting of […]

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Medieval Big Bang

“The idea of an expanding Universe is not a recent one, says Paul F Cockburn: a 13th century English bishop got there first…” Discover how the roots of modern cosmology can be traced back to a 13th century bishop, in my article for the March issue of BBC Sky at Night magazine. Details of the […]

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Thousands partipating in WSW Parade

World Space Week 2012

Last October, an amazing parade took place in Enayetpur, some 80-odd miles northwest of Dhaka, Bangladesh. “The kids were carrying model rockets and fantastic colourful Space Week banners,” remembers Robert Hill,  Director of the Northern Ireland Space Office, who was among the massive crowd. “There were more than a thousand people walking through the streets […]

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Joining the Zooniverse

Five years ago this month, citizen science project Galaxy Zoo was launched. It has inspired new projects that are expanding our view of the Universe. Carolyn Bol is among the relatively small number of people who can truthfully claim to have discovered an exoplanet, a world orbiting another star. Yet she isn’t a professional astronomer. […]

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