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The Hallow

Award-winning filmmaker and music video director Corin Hardy has always loved monsters – it’s why his feature debut is dedicated to special effects maestro Ray Harryhausen. “As a child I fell in love with those monster movies with pure effects; that, combined with then getting into Horror – and seeing Alien, The Thing, and Jaws – meant I […]

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Robin of Sherwood

Las Vegas, 1983. A British television writer called Richard Carpenter was in a hotel room with a group of American television producers, hoping to secure funding for his proposed new take on the legend of Robin Hood. Unfortunately, the cigar-smoking executives had no idea who Robin Hood is, so Carpenter was forced to come up […]

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Unsung Gems

Not every television SF/fantasy series becomes a household name, but they can still be something special, as Paul F Cockburn discovers. For every Doctor Who and Star Trek, every Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Battlestar Galactica, there are numerous TV fantasy and SF shows that didn’t quite reach the big time. Some may have managed […]

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The Quatermass Experiment

Sixty years ago this month, British television viewers were introduced to alien creatures and futuristic technology like never before. Paul F Cockburn explains how Nigel Kneale’s innovative science fiction story helped define television drama as we know it.  Saturday evening, 18 July 1953. “An experiment is an operation designed to uncover some unknown truth,” intones […]

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