Theatre Reviews: Index

Here – listed by year, then alphabetically by show title – are my published reviews of theatre, musical theatre, and spoken word events. The majority of links are to the online publications (such as Broadway Baby, Disability Arts Online, and Musical Theatre Review) which commissioned the reviews, although several are archived on this site as there are no online equivalents. Star ratings are included when they are part of the original publication's brief—which is, alas, most of the time.

An index of past comedy reviews can be found here.


The 306: Dusk, National Theatre of Scotland/Perth Theatre ??? (Perth Theatre, Perth)

• Arctic Oil, Traverse Theatre Company ★★★★ (Traverse Theatre One, Edinburgh)

The Belle's Stratagem, Royal Lyceum Company ★★★★ (Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh)

Creditors, Royal Lyceum Theatre Company ★★★ (Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh)

Cyrano de Bergerac, Citizens Theatre/Royal Lyceum Theatre Company/National Theatre of Scotland ★★★★ (Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh)

Eddie & the Slumber Sisters, National Theatre of Scotland/Catherine Wheels Theatre Company ★★★ (Southside Community Centre, Edinburgh)

Erewhon, Arthur Meek/Magnetic North ★★★★ (Summerhall – Cairns Lecture Theatre, Edinburgh)

Expedition Peter Pan, Het Langland ★★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Free and Proud, Em-Lou Productions/Snowy Owl ★★★★ (Assembly George Square Studios – Four, Edinburgh)

Gagarin Way, Dundee Rep ??? (Dundee Rep, Dundee)

Gretel and Hansel, LeCarrousel ★★★★ (The Brunton, Musselburgh)

Gut, Traverse Theatre/National Theatre of Scotland ★★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

H G Wells's The Time Machine, The Scientific Romance Theatre Company, ★★★★ (Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh)

It's Behind You!, A Play A Pie and a Pint ★★★★ (Òran Mór, Glasgow)

The Flop, Hijinx/Spymonkey ★★★★ (Main Hall, Summerhall, Edinburgh)

A Joke, Universal Arts/Scene Change Productions ★★★★ (Assembly Rooms – Ballroom, Edinburgh)

Kaput, Koral Chandler Presents ☆☆☆☆☆ (Assembly George Square Gardens – Piccolo, Edinburgh)

Knives in Hens, Perth Theatre Company ★★★★ (Perth Theatre, Perth)

The Last Bordello, Fire Exit/David Leddy ★★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

The Last Straw, People Show ★★ (Summerhall – Demonstration Room, Edinburgh)

The Lover, Scottish Dance Theatre/Stellar Quines/Royal Lyceum Company ★★★ (Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh)

The Match Box, Firebrand ★★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Magic 8 Ball (My Life With Asperger’s), Fringe Management/LLC/Crystal Penny Productions, ★★★★ (Gilded Balloon Teviot – The Turret, Edinburgh)

Marmite, Limerence Productions Ltd, ★★★★ (Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre – Attic, Edinburgh)

Mbuzeni, Koleka Putuma ★★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Midsummer, National Theatre of Scotland/David Greig/Gordon McIntyre/Kate Hewitt ★★★★ (The Hub – Main Hall, Edinburgh)

Nests, Frozen Charlotte/Stadium Rock ★★★ (Traverse Theatre Two, Edinburgh)

Paper Dolls, Shaun Nolan ★★★ (Paradise in The Vault – The Annexe, Edinburgh)

Passing Places, Dundee Rep Ensemble ★★★★ (Dundee Rep, Dundee)

Providence, Dominic Allen & Simon Maeder ★★★ (Assembly Rooms – Front Room, Edinburgh)

Rita, Sue and Bob Too, Royal Court ★★★★ (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow)

Scotties, Theatre Gu Leòr/National Theatre of Scotland/Abbey Theatre ★★★★ (Traverse Theatre One, Edinburgh)

Showtime from the Front Line, Mark Thomas ☆☆☆☆☆ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Statements, Catapult Theatre Company ☆☆☆☆☆ (Gilded Balloon Teviot – Wee Room, Edinburgh)

Stick By Me, Andy Manley ★★★★ (North Edinburgh Arts Centre, Edinburgh)

Stuff, Sylvian Productions ??? (The Brunton, Musselburgh)

Three Sisters, Lung Ha Theatre Company ★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Twelfth Night, Royal Lyceum Theatre Company ★★★ (Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh)

The Unreturning, Frantic Assembly/Theatre Royal Plymouth ??? (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

What Girls Are Made Of, Traverse Theatre Company/Raw Material/Regular Music ☆☆☆☆☆ (Traverse Theatre – One, Edinburgh)

When You Fall Down – The Buster Keaton Story, James Dangerfield ★★★ (Pleasance Courtyard – The Cellar, Edinburgh)

Winter Solstice, Actors' Touring Company ★★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

The Yellow on the Broom, Dundee Rep Theatre Company ★★★ (Dundee Rep, Dundee)


5 Guys Chillin', King's Head Theatre/Em Lou Productions ★★★★ (Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh)

69 Shades of Gay, Zac Group ★★★ (Òran Mór, Glasgow)

The 306: Day, National Theatre of Scotland/Steller Quines/Perth Theatre ★★★★ (The Station Hotel, Perth)

Allan Stewart's Big, Big Variety Show ★★★ (King's Theatre, Edinburgh)

The Amorous Ambassador, Leitheatre ★★★ (Inverleith St Serf's Church Centre, Edinburgh)

The Arabian Nights, Royal Lyceum Company ★★★★ (Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh)

The Beaches of St Valery, A Play, A Pie and a Pint ★★★★ (Òran Mór, Glasgow

Beauty and the Beast, Brunton Theatre ★★★ (The Brunton, Musselburgh)

Bella Freak: Unwritten, Disability History Month/Bella Freak ★★★ (theSpace @ Surgeons' Hall, Edinburgh)

Blank Tiles, Dylan Cole ★★★★ (Assembly George Square Studios, Edinburgh)

Bounce!, Arcosm ★★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Caravaggio: Between the Darkness, Theatre Department ★★★ (theSpace on the Mile, Edinburgh)

A Charlie Montague Mystery: The Game's A Foot, Try the Fish, Tom Taylor/Sitting Room Productions ★★★★ (theSpace @ Surgeons' Hall, Edinburgh)

Charlie Sonata, Royal Lyceum Company ★★★ (Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh)

Cilla – The Musical, Ambassador Group ★★★★ (Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh)

Cirque Berserk!, Cirque Berserk Ltd ★★★ (Festival Theatre, Edinburgh)

Cockpit, Royal Lyceum Company ★★★★ (Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh)

Confessional, A Play, A Pie and a Pint ★★★★ (Òran Mór, Glasgow)

The Coolidge Effect, Wonder Fools ★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Cosmonaut, Edinburgh International Science Festival/Francis Gallop/Creative Scotland ★★★ (Summerhall, Edinburgh)

Damned Rebel Bitches, Luminate Festival ★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Daphne Oram's Wonderful World of Sound, Blood of the Young/Tron Theatre ★★★ (Tron Theatre, Glasgow)

Death of a Salesman, Dundee Rep ★★★★ (Dundee Rep Theatre, Dundee)

Dr Stirlingshire's Discovery, Grid Iron/Lung Ha Theatre Company/Royal Lyceum Edinburgh ★★★ (RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, Edinburgh)

Dusty Won't Play, A Play, A Pie and a Pint ★★★ (Òran Mór, Glasgow)

The Edinburgh Easter Play, Princes Street Easter Play Trust ★★★ (West Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh)

Falling Dreams, Het Filiaal Theatermakers ★★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Girl in the Machine, Traverse Theatre Company ★★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Girls Like That, Lyceum Youth Theatre ★★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Glory on Earth, Royal Lyceum Theatre ★★★ (Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh)

Hay Fever, Royal Lyceum Theatre ★★★ (Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh)

The House of Bernarda Alba, Graeae Theatre Company ★★★★ (Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester)

How to Disappear, Traverse Theatre ★★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Isaac's Eye, Edinburgh University Theatre Company ★★★ (Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh)

Joan Eardley: A Private View, Heroica Theatre ★★★★ (Hawthornden Lecture Theatre, National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh)

Knock, Knock, Niv Petel ★★★★ (C primo, Edinburgh)

La Cage Aux Folles, Bill Kenwright Presents ★★★ (Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh)

Letters to Morrissey, Traverse Theatre/Tron Theatre ★★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Lilith: The Jungle Girl, Sisters Grimm ☆☆☆☆☆ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Love Song to Lavender Menace  Royal Lyceum Company ★★★ (Royal Lyceum Theatre Rehearsal Room)

The Lying Kind, Tron Theatre ★★★★ (Tron Theatre, Glasgow)

The Maids, Dundee Rep Ensemble ★★★★ (Dundee Rep, Dundee)

Man to Man, Wales Millennium Centre ★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Meet Me At Dawn, Traverse Theatre Company ★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Mia: Daughters of Fortune, Mind the Gap ★★★ (Summerhall, Edinburgh)

Monstrous Bodies, Dundee Rep/Poorboy Ensemble ★★★ (Dundee Rep)

(More) Moira Monalogues, Kyle Bissett Productions ☆☆☆☆☆ (Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh)

Music is Torture, Tromolo Productions/Tron Theatre ★★★ (Tron Theatre, Glasgow)

The Nether, Theatre Paradok ★★★ (Centrepoint, Edinburgh)

A Number, Royal Lyceum Theatre/Edinburgh International Science Festival ★★★★ (Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh)

Off-Kilter, Ramesh Meyyappen (Tron Theatre, Glasgow)

One Man Shoe, SC²ENE ★★★★ (Netherbow Theatre @Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh)

One Mississippi Bijli ★★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Orlando, Some Kind of Theatre ★★★ (Monkey Barrel Comedy Club, Edinburgh)

Our Fathers, Magnetic North/Traverse ★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Performers, Performers Ltd ★★ (Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh)

The Play That Goes Wrong, Kenny Wax Ltd/Stage Presence Ltd/Mischief Theatre ★★★★ (Theatre Royal, Glasgow)

Picnic at Hanging Rock, Malthouse Theatre/Black Swan State Theatre Company ★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

Rhinoceros, Royal Lyceum Theatre Company/Dot Theatre ★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

The Road That Wasn't There, Trick of the Light / Zanetti Productions ★★★★ (Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh)

Sarah, Sky and Seven Other Guys, Liver and Lung Productions ★★★★ (R Royale, Edinburgh)

Shirley Valentine, Adam Spiegel ★★★ (King's Theatre, Glasgow)

Shona Reppe's Cinderella, Shona Reppe/Rick Conte ★★★ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

Snowflake by Mark Thomson, The Network and Pleasance Theatre Trust ★★★ (Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh)

Stand By, Utter ★★★★ (Army @ The Fringe/Summerhall, Edinburgh)

A Stone's Throw, Giddy Aunt Theatre ★★★★ (Summerhall, Edinburgh)

There Were Two Brothers, Mark Kydd/Edinburgh International Book Festival ★★★★ (Bosco Theatre, EIBF, Edinburgh)

Thingummy Bob, Lung Ha Theatre Company ★★★★ (Festival Theatre Edinburgh Studio, Edinburgh)

Thoroughly Modern Millie, David King/Modern Millie Ltd ★★★ (Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh)

The Tin Soldier, Birds of Paradise Theatre Company ★★★★ (Festival Theatre Edinburgh Studio, Edinburgh)

Tommy and the Snowbird, Scottish Youth Theatre ★★★ (Scottish Youth Theatre, Glasgow)

Travels With My Aunt, Citizens Theatre ★★★★ (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow)

Victorian Gothic, Steven Langley/Old Nichol Productions ★★★★ (Sweet Holyrood, Edinburgh)

The Waves on the Seas, Active Inquiry’s Flashback Drama Group/Strange Town Young Company ★★★★ (Out of the Blue @ The Drill Hall, Edinburgh)

We're Going On A Bear Hunt, Kenny Wax Family Entertainment Ltd/Nick Brooke Ltd ★★★ (King's Theatre, Edinburgh)

The Winter's Tale, Royal Lyceum Theatre ★★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

Without a Hitch, Room 2 Manoeuvre ★★★★ (The Brunton, Musselburgh)

Wonderland, Neil Eckersley presents ★★★ (Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh)

Wonderland, Neil Eckersley presents ★★★ (Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh)

Zombie Science: Worst Case Scenario, Time-Tastical Productions ★★★ (Summerhall, Edinburgh)


[title of show] EUTC ★★★ (Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh)

The Air That Carries The Weight Stellar Quines Theatre Company ★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Royal Lyceum Theatre Company ★★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

Arthur Conan Doyle - Man of Mystery The Mercators ★★★ (Mayfield Salisbury Church, Edinburgh)

Avenue Q Sell A Door ★★★ (King's Theatre, Edinburgh)

At the Mountains of Madness The Icarus Theatre Collective ★★★ (The Brunton, Musselburgh

Black Beauty Red Bridge Arts/The Traverse ★★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

Blood Brothers Bill Kenwright Ltd ★★★★ (Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh)

Breaking the Ice A Play A Pie and a Pint/Traverse Theatre ★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

Broken Dreams Kopergietery/Mambocito Mio ★★★★ (Out of the Blue @ The Drill Hall, Edinburgh)

CauseWay A Play, A Pie and a Pint ★★★ (Òran Mór, Glasgow)

Cinderella First Family Entertainment ★★★★ (King's Theatre, Glasgow)

Cock Tron Theatre Company ★★★★ (The Tron Theatre, Glasgow)

Constellations Aracaladanza ☆☆☆☆☆ (Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)

The Course of True Love Fire Exit ★★★★ (The Brunton, Musselburgh)

The Crucible Royal Lyceum Theatre Company ★★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

Crude: An Exploration of Oil Grid Iron/Dundee Rep ★★★ (Dundee Docks, Dundee)

Dame Nature The Magnificent Bearded Lady Havoc Theatre ★★★ (Assembly George Square Theatre, Edinburgh)

Dani Girl Grandview Theater Group ☆☆☆☆☆ (Green Regent Terrace, Edinburgh)

Dirty Dusting ★★★ (The Brunton, Musselburgh)

The Destroyed Room Vanishing Point ★★ (The Tron Theatre, Glasgow)

Dr Johnson Goes to Scotland A Play A Pie and A Pint ★★★ (Òran Mór, Glasgow; The Traverse, Edinburgh)

Endgame Citizens Theatre ★★★★ (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow)

Expensive Shit Adura Onashile/Traverse Theatre ★★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

Fluff: A Story of Lost Toys Cre8ion ★★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

Footloose – The Musical Sell A Door Theatre Company ★★★ (Festival Theatre, Edinburgh)

For the Love of Cousins Blazing Hyena ★★★ (Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh)

Fraxi Queen of the Forest Asylon Theatre ★★★★ (Zoo Pleasance, Edinburgh)

Frost/Nixon EUTC ★★★★ (Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh)

A Gambler's Guide to Dying Show And Tell/The Traverse ★★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

George's Marvellous Medicine Dundee Rep ★★★ (Dundee Rep, Dundee)

Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone Greyscale Theatre Company ★★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

Grain in the Blood Tron Theatre ★★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

The Great Illusionist Het Filiaal theatermakers ★★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

Green Tea Blazing Hyena ★★★ (Gayfield Creative Spaces, Edinburgh)

The Hairy Maclary & Friends Show Nonsense Room Productions ★★★★ (Church Hill Theatre, Edinburgh)

Hansel and Gretel Citizens Theatre ☆☆☆☆☆ (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow)

Him Him Production ★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

I Am Thomas Told By An Idiot/NTS/Lyceum ★★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

The Iliad Royal Lyceum Theatre Company ★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

International Waters Fire Exit ★★★★ (The Tron Theatre, Glasgow)

Invisible Army Terra Incognita ★★★★ (Platform, Glasgow)

Iphigenia in Splott Sherman Cymru ★★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

Jack and the Beanstalk Qdos Entertainment ★★★★ (King's Theatre, Edinburgh)

Journey's End Immersion Theatre ★★★ (The Brunton, Musselburgh)

Jumpy Royal Lyceum Theatre Company ★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

King Lear Edinburgh University Shakespeare Co. ★★★ (The Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh)

Last Christmas Dirty Protest ★★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

Last Dream (on Earth) Kai Fischer/National Theatre of Scotland ★★★★ (Assembly Hall, Edinburgh)

LGBT Innovators 1 Village Pub Theatre ★★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

LGBT Innovators 2 Village Pub Theatre ★★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

Little Red and the Wolf Dundee Rep Ensemble ★★★★ (Dundee Rep, Dundee)

Living Like a Moth Blazing Hyena ★★ (Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh)

Lost at Sea Catherine Wheels Theatre Company ★★★★ (Summerhall, Edinburgh)

Mamma Mia! Ambassador Theatre Group ★★★ (Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh)

The Man Who Knows Everything We Spread Joy ★★★★ (Sweet Grassmarket, Edinburgh)

Mary Barnes The MB Project ★★★ (Checkpoint, Edinburgh)

Mikey and Addie Red Bridge Arts ★★★★ (Summerhall, Edinburgh)

Mischief A Play A Pie and a Pint/Traverse Theatre ★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

Neither God Nor Angel A Play A Pie and a Pint ★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

My Name is Saoirse Sunday's Child Theatre Company ★★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

A Murder is Announced Middle Ground Theatre Company Ltd ★★★ (King's Theatre, Edinburgh)

Poggle Barrowland Ballet ★★★★ (Dance Base, Edinburgh)

Purposeless Movements Birds of Paradise Theatre Company ★★★★ (Tramway, Glasgow)

Rapid Departure Right Lines Productions ★★★ (The Brunton, Musselburgh)

Right Now Traverse Theatre Company/Theatre Royal Bath Ustinov Studio/Bush Theatre ★★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

Ring Road A Play, A Pie and a Pint ★★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

The Rivals Citizens Theatre ★★★ (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow)

Role Shift Birds of Paradise Theatre Company/A Play, A Pie and a Pint ★★★★ (Òran Mór, Glasgow)

Second Hand A Play, A Pie and a Pint ★★★ (Òran Mór, Glasgow)

The Shape of Things Starcatchers/Branar Téatar do Pháistí ★★★ (Festival Theatre, Edinburgh)

The Silent Treatment Lung Ha's Theatre Company ★★★ (The Tron Theatre, Glasgow)

Snow White and the Seven Wee Muppets Inside Out Theatre ★★★★ (Websters Theatre, Glasgow)

The Story of the Little Gentleman Catherine Wheels Theatre Company ★★★★ (South Side Centre, Edinburgh)

The Suppliant Women Royal Lyceum Theatre/Actors Touring Company ★★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

Tales of a Grandson Andy Cannon/Wendy Weatherby/Red Bridge Arts ★★★★ (National Museum of Scotland auditorium, Edinburgh)

Tales from the Hanging Captain ACTive INquiry/Strange Town ★★★ (Out of the Blue @ The Drill Hall)

This Restless House Citizens Theatre/National Theatre of Scotland ★★★★ (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow)

Thon Man Molière Royal Lyceum Theatre Company ★★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

Tom Neenan: Vaudeville Tom Neenan ★★★★ (Underbelly Med Quad, Edinburgh)

Traces Helios Theater ★★★★ (The Studio at the Festival Theatre, Edinburgh)

Uncanny Valley Borderline Theatre/The Gaiety Theatre Ayr ★★★★ (Summerhall, Edinburgh)

Walden Magnetic North ★★★★ (Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh)

Walking on Walls A Play, a Pie and A Pint ★★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

The Wee One Theatre Imperitive ★★★ (Leith Dockers Club, Edinburgh)

The Weir Royal Lyceum Theatre Company ★★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

What Next? Strange Town ★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

What Now? Strange Town ★★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

Witness for the Prosecution Dundee Rep Company ★★★ (Dundee Rep, Dundee)


Aladdin Strange Town ★★★★ (Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh)

Ali Bawbag and the Four Tealeafs A Play, A Pie and a Pint ★★★★ (Òran Mór, Glasgow)

The 39 Steps by Patrick Barlow Little Theatre of Bucharest ★★★ (Freemason Hall, Edinburgh)

Beating McEnroe Jamie Wood ★★★★ (Traverse 2, Edinburgh)

A Belter of a Cinderella Story Inside Out Productions ★★★ (Websters Theatre, Glasgow)

Block Noonday Demons Theatre ★★★ (Radisson Blu, Edinburgh)

Boys Urban Fairytale Theatre Company, Tiny Fragments Theatre ★★★ (The Drygate Brewery, Glasgow)

Broth A Play, A Pie and a Pint / Traverse Theatre ★★★ (Òran Mór, Glasgow)

The Bruce in Ireland Black Dingo Productions ★★★ (Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh)

Butterfly A Play, A Pie and a Pint ★★★ (Òran Mór, Glasgow)

Cagebirds EUTC ★★★★ (Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh)

The Caucasian Chalk Circle Royal Lyceum Theatre Company ★★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

CELL Smoking Apples/Dogfish ★★★★ (Edinburgh)

Chess - The Musical Edinburgh Musical Theatre ★★★ (Church Hill Theatre, Edinburgh)

The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil Dundee Rep Company ☆☆☆☆☆ (Dundee Rep, Dundee)

Cinderella The Brunton ★★★ (The Brunton, Musselburgh)

Complex My Complex ★★★ (Edinburgh)

Crazy Jane Birds of Paradise Theatre Company (Summerhall, Edinburgh)

Dead Letter Office Some Company Productions ★★★ (Radisson Blu, Edinburgh)

Donald Does Dusty Diane Torr ★★ (Red Theatre, Summerhall, Edinburgh)

Doris, Dolly and the Dressing Room Divas Sharon Burgess Productions/Òran Mór ☆☆☆☆☆ (Assembly Hall, Edinburgh)

The Driver's Seat National Theatre of Scotland ★★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

Edgar and Annabel EUTC ★★★ (Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh)

Edmund the Learned Pig Fittings Multimedia Arts ★★★★ (Summerhall, Edinburgh)

Equus EUTC ★★★★ (Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh)

Faith Healer Royal Lyceum Theatre Company ★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

The Fallen Angel Show Vesper Walk ★★★ (Merchant hall, Edinburgh)

Filter's Macbeth Filter ★★★ (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow)

Fleabag DryWrite & Soho Theatre ★★★★ (The Tron Theatre, Glasgow)

Fur Coats and Magic Knickers The MsFits ★★★ (The Brunton, Musselburgh)

Give Me A Reason To Live Clare Cunningham (Tramway, Glasgow)

God's Waiting Room Z Theatre Company ★★ (TheSpace Surgeons' Hall, Edinburgh)

Hedda Gabler Royal Lyceum Theatre ★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

The History Boys Sell A Door Theatre Company ★★★ (King's Theatre, Edinburgh)

Hidden Lyceum Youth Theatre ★★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

I Went To A Fabulous Party King's Head Theatre ★★★ (St Cuthbert's by the Castle, Edinburgh)

Jean-Luc Picard and Me Ellen Waddell ★★★ (Edinburgh)

Jekyll & Hyde Sell A Door Theatre Company ★★ (The Brunton, Musselburgh)

The Judas Kiss EUTC ★★ (Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh)

Lord of the Flies Regent's Park Theatre London ☆☆☆☆☆ (Festival Theatre, Edinburgh)

Loserville Allegro ★★★★ (Church Hill Theatre, Edinburgh)

Lot And His God Citizens Theatre ★★★★ (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow)

Matt Abbott is Skint and Demoralised Matt Abbott Poet ☆☆☆☆☆ (Apex Grassmarket, Edinburgh)

May I Have the Bill Please? by Robin Mitchell Emerald Blue ★★★ (The Boards, Edinburgh)

The Misfit Analysis Access All Areas UK ★★★ (The Pleasance, Edinburgh )

Netting A Play, A Pie and a Pint ★★★★ (Òran Mór, Glasgow)

No Nothing A Play, A Pie and A Pint/Aberdeen Performing Arts ★★★ (Òran Mór, Glasgow)

One, Two, Three, Yippee Blazing Hyena ★★★ (Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh)

Panopticon EUTC ★★★ (Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh)

Persevere Active Enquiry/Strange Town ★★★★ (Out of the Blue Drill Hall, Edinburgh)

Playing Maggie Pip Utton ★★★★ (The Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh)

Puttin' on the Ritz Spirit Productions (King's Theatre, Glasgow)

Rapunzel Citizens Theatre ★★★★ (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow)

The Real Inspector Hound EUTC ★★★ (Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh)

Rhymes With Orange Rhymes With Orange ★★★★ (Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh)

Scaramouche Jones Thom Tuck ★★★★ (Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh)

The Smallest Show on Earth Mercury Theatre/Brian Eastman/Christabel Albery ★★★ (Theatre Royal, Glasgow) Also reviewed here.

Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs First Family Entertainment ★★★ (Glasgow King's Theatre)

The Solid Life of Sugar Water Graeae Theatre Company ★★★★ (Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh)

Spring Awakening The MGA Academy of Performing Arts ★★★★ (King's Theatre, Edinburgh)

Stand Chris Goode & Company ★★ (The Arches, Glasgow)

The Strange Case of Jekyll & Hyde Lung Ha Theatre Company/Drake Music Scotland ★★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Eltham College ★★★ (C, Edinburgh)

Tales from a Cabaret The Creative Martyrs ★★★★ (The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh)

Thief LRStageworks ★★★★ (Apex Grassmarket, Edinburgh)

To Breathe Theatre Paradok ★★★ (Summerhall, Edinburgh)

To Space Niamh Shaw ★★★ (Summerhall, Edinburgh)

Tom Neenan: The Andromeda Paradox Ditto Productions ★★★★ (Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh)

Tracks of the Winter Bear Traverse Theatre Company ★★★ (The Traverse, Edinburgh)

Trans Scripts Trans Scripts ★★★★ (The Pleasance, Edinburgh)

Tribes Solar Bear ★★★ (Summerhall, Edinburgh)

Uisge-Beatha Gu Leòr / Whisky Galore NTS / Robhanis Theatar / A Play, A Pie and A Pint ★★★ (St Cuthbert's By The Castle, Edinburgh)

The Venetian Twins Royal Lyceum Theatre Company ★★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

The Woman in Black PW Productions Ltd ★★★★ (King's Theatre, Edinburgh)

The Village Pub Theatre Will See You Now Village Pub Theatre ★★★★ (The Village, Edinburgh)

VPT: Bill Murray Night Village Pub Theatre ★★★★ (The Village, Edinburgh)

VPT: Fools Village Pub Theatre ★★★ (The Village, Edinburgh)

Waiting for Godot Royal Lyceum Theatre Company ★★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

Wendy Hoose Birds of Paradise/Random Accomplice ★★★★ (The Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh)

When the Rain Stops Falling Makeshift Broadcast ★★★ (The Tron Theatre, Glasgow)

When The War Came Home Citadel Arts Group/WEA Scotland ★★★ (Tynecastle High School, Edinburgh)

When The War Came Home (revised) Citadel Arts Group/WEA Scotland ★★★★ (2015)

Yer Granny National Theatre of Scotland ★★★ (King's Theatre, Glasgow)


18b Nottingham New Theatre ★★★ (Edinburgh)

1984 Headlong/Nottingham Playhouse/Almedia Theatre ★★★★ (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow)

The Addams Family The MGA Academy of Performing Arts (King's Theatre, Edinburgh)

The Beautiful Cosmos of Ivor Cutler Vanishing Point/NTS ☆☆☆☆☆ (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow)

The Best of Village Pub Theatre Village Pub Theatre ☆☆☆☆☆ (Traverse, Edinburgh)

Bondagers Royal Lyceum Theatre Company ✭✭✭✭ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

Cardinal Sinne Glasgay! ✭✭✭ (Tron Theatre, Glasgow)

Casting the Runes Box Tale Soup ★★★ (Radisson Blu, Edinburgh)

Dear Scotland... National Theatre of Scotland ★★★★ (Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh)

Factor 9 Dogstar Theatre Company ★★★ (Summerhall, Edinburgh)

The Gamblers Stellar Quines/Greyscale/Dundee Rep/Northern Stage ✭✭✭ (Dundee Rep, Dundee)

The Glass Menagerie Dundee Rep ★★★★ (Dundee Rep, Dundee)

God's Own Country Fine Mess Theatre Company ★★★★ (Southside, Edinburgh)

The Hold Lung Ha's Theatre Company/National Museums Scotland (National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh)

In My Father's Words Dundee Rep ★★★ (The Tron Theatre, Glasgow)

James I: The Key Will Keep the Lock EIF/NTS/NT ★★★★ (Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh)

James II: Day of the Innocents EIF/NTS/NT ★★★★ (Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh)

James III: The True Mirror EIF/NTS/NT ☆☆☆☆☆ (Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh)

Kill Johnny Glendenning Royal Lyceum Theatre/Citizens Theatre ★★★★  (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

Kiss Me Honey, Honey Gilded Balloon ★★★ (Teviot House, Edinburgh)

The Libertine Citizens Theatre ★★★★ (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow)

Lifeline Lifeline Theatre Company ★★★ (Leith)

Merry Christmas, Ms Meadows Belarus Free Theatre  ★★★ (Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh)

The Pitchfork Disney Heroes Theatre ★★★★ (The Tron Theatre, Glasgow)

The Pitiless Storm Fair Pley  ★★★★ (The Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh)

Pressure Royal Lyceum Edinburgh/Chichester Festival Theatre ★★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

Private Lives Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh ★★★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

The Pure, the Dead and the Brilliant Kyle Bissett Productions ☆☆☆☆☆ (The Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh)

Quentin Crisp: Naked Hope Seabright Productions/Festival Highlights ★★★★ (Assembly Hall, Edinburgh)

Slope Untitled Projects/Citizens Theatre/Traverse Theatre/KILTR ★★★ (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow)

This Wide Night Tron Theatre Company ★★★ (The Tron Theatre, Glasgow)

Tom Neenan: The Haunting at Lopham House Ditto Productions ★★★★ (Pleasance, Edinburgh)

Twelfth Night Filter ★★★ (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow)

Union Royal Lyceum Edinburgh ★★ (The Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh)

Wendy Hoose Birds of Paradise Theatre Company/Random Accomplice (The Tron Theatre, Glasgow)


• Ban This Filth! Alan Bissett ★★ (The Netherbow, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh)

• Burton's Last Call Dotted Line Productions ☆☆☆☆☆ (Edinburgh)

• Calum's Road Communicado Theatre Company/National Theatre of Scotland (The Brunton, Edinburgh)

• Chops Sweet Briar College ★★★ (TheSpace Surgeons' Hall, Edinburgh)

• Crime and Punishment Citizens Theatre/Liverpool Playhouse/Royal Lyceum Edinburgh ☆☆☆☆☆ (Citizens Theatre)

• Desperately Seeking The Exit Peter Michael Marino ★★★★ (Blind Poet, Edinburgh)

• Easter Eggs BEDS ★ (TheSpace Surgeons' Hall, Edinburgh)

• French Kiss Kiss & Tell Cabaret ★★★ (TheSpace Surgeons' Hall, Edinburgh)

• The Gates conFAB and Dance HQ ★★★ (Summerhall, Edinburgh)

• A Hundred Minus One Day Another Soup Productions ★★★★ (TheSpace North Bridge, Edinburgh)

• In An Alien Landscape Birds of Paradise Theatre Company (The Brunton, Musselburgh)

• In Time O' Strife National Theatre of Scotland ★★★★ (Halls, Kirkcaldy)

• In Tune With Dementia Howard Timms ★★★ (TheSpace North Bridge, Edinburgh)

• Irving Berlin's White Christmas The Musical (Edinburgh Festival Theatre, 2013)

• It Goes Without Saying Bill Bowers ☆☆☆☆☆ (Edinburgh)

• The Ivor Novello Story Classical Musicians Scotland ★★★ (St Stephen's Church, Edinburgh)

• Jon Ronson–The Psychopath Test and Other Real Life Mysteries Jon Ronson ★★★★ (Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh)

• Landfall Unsolicited Artists Theatre Troupe ★★ (Edinburgh)

• Leaving Planet Earth Grid Iron (Edinburgh International Climbing Centre, Ratho)

• Let the Right One In National Theatre of Scotland (Dundee Rep, Dundee)

• Magic Faraway Cabaret Magic Faraway ★★★ (The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh)

• The New Age Labrador Shaun Shears ★★★★ (TheSpace Surgeons' Hall, Edinburgh)

• Oliver Meech: When Magic and Science Collide Oliver Meech ★★★★ (Somewhere in the Old Town, Edinburgh)

• Other Voices: Spoken Word Cabaret Other Voices ★★★ (The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh)

• The Perilous Botanical Expedition Hendrick's Carnival of Knowledge ★★★ (Edinburgh)

• Ping Pong Alistair Green ★★★ (A pub in Edinburgh)

• A Play with Songs... and Music and Film and Dance Playwrights' Studio Scotland ★★★ (Fringe Central, Edinburgh)

• Poems and Pots John Rivers ★★★ (Quaker House, Edinburgh)

• The Pyramids of Margate Martin Stewart/Gulliver Bell ★★★ (One Stop, Edinburgh)

• A Reason to Smile Blue Tree Theatre Company ★★★ (Edinburgh)

• Red Shoes Tramway/Judith Williams/Shift ★★★ (Tramway, Glasgow)

• Rob Lloyd: Who, Me Rob Lloyd ★★★★ (Downstairs, Edinburgh)

• Robin Ince–Importance of Being Interested Robin Ince ★★★★ (The Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh)

• Running on the Cracks The Tron/Pilot Theatre (The Tron Theatre, Glasgow)

• Sandel Boys of the Empire Productions ★★★★ (TheSpace Surgeons' Hall, Edinburgh)

• Story's End The Dead Man's Waltz ☆☆☆☆☆ (Summerhall, Edinburgh)

• The Sunday Assembly Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans ★★★★ (New Empire, Edinburgh)

• That's Not How You Spell Pedantic Jim Higo ★★★ (The Royal Oak, Edinburgh)

• Tyke Rider: A Yorkshire Lass's Driving Adventure from the City of Angels to Graceland via the Big Easy Nadia Brooks ★★★ (The Three Sisters, Edinburgh)

• Way Back Of Vast Bigness ★★★ (Edinburgh)

• We Are All Orange Ghosts Dan Simpson ★★★ (The Place, Edinburgh)

• We, Object Figs in Wigs ★★★ (TheSpace Surgeons' Hall, Edinburgh)

• Irving Berlin's White Christmas The Musical Theatre Royal Plymouth Production (Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh)

• The Year I Was Gifted Atomic Force Productions ★★★ (Apex Grassmarket, Edinburgh)

• Young & Strange: Magic, Illusion and a Hate for Each Other Richard Young and Sam Strange ★★★ (The Jam House, Edinburgh)



• Allotment National Theatre of Scotland ★★★★ (Allotments, Edinburgh)

Any Objections? Rachel Lynn Brody and Matthew McVarish (Rose & Grant's, Glasgow)

• Arguments and Nosebleeds Various ★★★ (The Three Sisters, Edinburgh)

• An Audience with Tomás Ford Tomás Ford ★★★ (The Jekyll & Hyde Pub, Edinburgh)

• Casablanca – The Gin Joint Cut The Tron (Glasgow)/National Theatre of Scotland ★★★★ (Teviot House, Edinburgh)

 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Big Spirit Theatre ★★★★ (St Augustine's, Edinburgh)

• The Curious Couple from Coney Donny Vomit and Heather Holliday ★★★★ (The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh)

• An Evening With Dementia Trevor T Smith ☆☆☆☆☆ (Radisson Blu, Edinburgh)

• From Houdini to Potter Chris Cassells ★★★★ (TheSpace Surgeons' Hall, Edinburgh)

Harold and Maude The Tron Theatre Company (The Tron, Glasgow)

• Have A Nice Life Red Brick Productions ★★★ (Edinburgh)

If These Spasms Could Speak Robert Softley (The Arches, Glasgow)

• Irreconcilable Differences Refractive Lens Theatre ★★★★ (Double Tree by Hilton, Edinburgh)

• Just a Gigolo Maurice Roëves ★★ (DHT 2, Edinburgh)

• Kin Donna Rutherford ★★★★ (The Boards, Edinburgh)

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot Theatre Oikos ★★★ (Southside, Edinburgh)

• Legs 11 Tom Marshman ★★★ (Summerhall, Edinburgh)

• The Long and the Short of It Richard Purnell and Gary from Leeds ★★★★ (The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh)

Macbeth National Theatre of Scotland (Tramway, Glasgow)

• Magic Faraway Cabaret Magic Faraway ★★★★ (The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh)

The Man Who Lived Twice Birds of Paradise Theatre Company (The Arches, Glasgow)

• Markee De Saw & Bert Finkle Markee De Saw & Bert Finkle (Rose & Grant's, Glasgow)

Ménage à Trois Claire Cunningham/National Theatre of Scotland (Tramway, Glasgow)

• Montmorency FreeRange Productions ★★★ (C Venue, Edinburgh)

• Murder, Marple and Me Gilded Balloon ★★★★ (Teviot, Edinburgh)

• Nggrfg BrownBox Theatre/Small Brown Package Productions ★★★ (Radisson Blu, Edinburgh)

• Other Voices: Alternative Spoken Word Cabaret Other Voices ★★★ (The Banshee, Edinburgh)

Private Dancer Janice Parker (CCA, Glasgow)

• Re-Animator The Musical Red Hen Productions ★★★★ (George Square Theatre, Edinburgh)

• The Red Hourglass Alan Bissett ☆☆☆☆☆ (National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh)

• Rob James: Magicana Rob James ★★★★ (TheSpace Surgeons' Hall, Edinburgh)

• Sammy J and Randy – The Inheritance Get Comedy ★★★★ (Underbelly Cowshed, Edinburgh)

• Scotland in Song Carolyn Anona Scott and Jack Foster ★★★ (The Royal Oak, Edinburgh)

Snails & Ketchup Ramesh Meyyappan (CCA, Glasgow)

• When Holidays Attack Andrew Cox ★★ (Merchant Hall, Edinburgh)

• Wild Allegations RUDS ★★★ (TheSpace SouthBridge, Edinburgh)

Xavier Toby: Binge Thinking Xavier Toby ★★★ (C Nova, Edinburgh)

2011 & before...

Around The World In 80 Days Lung Ha's Theatre Company (The Platform, Glasgow)