During August 2018, I was the in-house journalist at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, responsible for providing a succession of press releases based on festival events I attended.

Here are links to the 50+ PRs I wrote during those 17 days in Charlotte Square Gardens...

‘Black on Black Violence’ is being used as a weapon against the other 99% of Black people in London who are not going to kill anyone, says Akala.

Robots Are Neither Out To Get Us Nor After Our Jobs.

Picasso’ family has an obligation to protect and promote the artist’s work.

A second EU referendum, without a significant shift in the polls, would put British democracy at risk, says Robert Peston.

Dull Margaret was an ‘absolute delight’ for Jim Broadbent.

Increased ‘marketisation’ of Higher Education will inevitably lead to universities falling into bankruptcy.

Corbyn’s ‘Momentum’ is ‘malice dressed as virtue’, says former MP Alan Johnson.

Rachel Carson’s poetic approach to marine science may well be a thing of the past.

Doing Strictly ‘completely changed the way I look at me’, says Susan Calman

Trump is a ‘symptom’ of the ‘search for brutal simplicities’

Early Christians were responsible for the ‘largest desecration of art’ up to that point of history.

Muriel Spark is still Scotland’s greatest living writer, says Ali Smith.

Fiction is ‘one of our ways to get to truths that are really difficult to talk about,’ says author Ali Smith.

Chelsea Clinton feels ‘protective’ of 12-year-old Barron Trump—regardless of what his father, Donald Trump, does.

Tony ‘Mr Arsenal’ Adams’ 2010 offer to help his old club was knocked back – which he took as a compliment.

Understanding how our brains work is vital for our mental health, suggests Ruby Wax.

Music is more important than anything, says Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson.

A ‘different conversation’ is needed to ensure a fit-for-purpose 21st Century Welfare System.

Freedom is your own ‘feeling of fighting for yourself’, says Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina

The More Honest We Are About Death, The Kinder We Are, According to Actor Greg Wise.

‘We don’t seem to have that many politicians who are even good at doing politics,’ says Sky News political correspondent Lewis Goodall.