Who am I?

Portrait of Paul F Cockburn.
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I’m Paul F Cockburn. Based in Edinburgh, I work for clients across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Why commission me?

I see it as my job to write what you need to publish—be that for print, online or social media.

My experience

I’ve been creating quality short and longform editorial – frequently interview-based – for numerous B2C and B2B clients for more than 25 years.

Specialist areas of work include equality issues (disability and/or LGBT+), popular science, and arts & culture. And anything else you’d like me to write for you!

Some non-work details

I love mongrel dogs, know far-too-much about Doctor Who, and enjoy urbexing on a Sunday afternoon using out-of-date maps.

I believe that a beach – not some sun-bleached, white-sand dazzler, but one with water-worn stones, the detritus of sea shells and the mini-ecologies of rock pools – is much more fun to explore when you know the tide’s coming in!

If I was a punctuation mark, I’d be an apostrophe—a bit possessive, but quite good at summarising things!