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My Life in 5 Magazines: 1: Him Monthly

This month, October 2019, Gay Times reaches its 500th issue—a fantastic achievement marking more than 40 years of continuous publishing that has seen tremendous developments in LGBT+ rights. In the first of several posts highlighting important magazines in my life, I turn to one of Gay Times’ earlier incarnations. HIM Monthly Issue 55: 90p (Cover-date […]

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What’s in an  Name?

Apple presents its latest iPhone line-up. A sure sign that I’m something of an  GEEK  is that, three years ago, I wrote an ever-so-slightly portentous article on the company’s product naming strategy, and how I felt they could clarify, simplify and straighten out their various product lines—be they tablets, laptops, desktops or phones. Essentially, […]

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The Day Radio Times Changed…

50 years ago, on 4 September 1969, Radio Times underwent arguably one of the most radical relaunches in its history. The new-look Radio Times (right), contrasted with the previous week’s edition. The editor Geoffrey Cannon, appointed earlier that same year, was just 29-years-old—making him the then-youngest editor in the magazine’s history. According to Tony Currie, […]

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10 Things I Learned From Terrance Dicks

“Uncle” Terrance Dicks, on DVD or Blu-Ray. When you’re 84, a hashtag of your name on Twitter is seldom a good sign. So it proved today, as I caught up with the announcement of the death of the English television and book writer and editor Terrance Dicks. I’d only met him on three occasions, and […]

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Why Media Packs are Useful—for Freelancers

When researching magazines as potential markets for freelance journalism, nothing beats the detailed reading of as many issues as possible, to familiarise yourself with the available “slots” and – importantly – who writes them. (If the same bylines keep appearing in particular parts of the magazine, don’t initially waste time pitching those.) Readership details from […]

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When to pitch…?

                              Editors are busy people. They spend a lot of their lives in meetings and, if they haven’t managed to shift some responsibilities on to other staff members, need to focus on not just content but also finance, marketing and where […]

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Letting the Critics In…

                         Some of the earliest headlines around this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe concerned the “stushie” (to use that great Scottish word) between performer Paul Sinha and The Scotsman newspaper’s revered comedy critic Kate Copstick. Essentially, Copstick had requested a press ticket for Sinha’s first performance in […]

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