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This Side of Paradise

As the human race of the 21st century faces cultural and sociological division, ecological disaster, and a seemingly uncertain future, can the real world hope to achieve Roddenberry’s utopian vision of a future Earth – and what will it take to get there? Words: Paul F Cockburn. “Even though it is set in the 24th […]

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Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015

It wasn’t the first time Leonard Nimoy had told this particular anecdote on stage at a Star Trek convention; nor would it be the last. Yet in early May 1999, explaining the origins of the world-famous Vulcan salute ended up being one of the most significant personal moments in the actor’s life. Not that such […]

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Myths and Legends

Star Trek the original series wasn’t afraid to borrow stories, ideas and characters from Classical Greece and Rome, from gods to gladiators – and the series was all the richer for it. I, TIBERIUS “My name is James Tiberius Kirk. Kirk because my father and his male forebears followed the old custom of passing on […]

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Trek Britain

“The longest journey has to begin with a single step. So now, as man makes his first hesitant leap to another planet – even though it’s just Earth’s nearest neighbour–he can legitimately start thinking about voyaging farther out towards whatever other populated worlds may exits.” That is how British viewers – or at least those […]

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Maestro of the Final Frontier – In Memory of Jerry Goldsmith

Jerry Goldsmith’s musical contribution to Star Trek cannot be underestimated. Paul F Cockburn composes an appreciation of the man who, musically at least, defined the Final Frontier… “Doing a Star Trek film is like returning to an old friend,” Jerry Goldsmith told fans while working on Star Trek: Nemesis. As well he might; that film […]

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